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Mobile Apps For Churches

The best approach to maintain communication in your church is through a mobile app. Mobile apps for churches are actually one of the most effective tools you could have for bringing your congregation together and keeping them active in your ministry.


Why Your Church Needs an App!

The technological revolution has altered how we live, work, and interact with one another. Mobile apps are now at the center of all tasks, both small and large, ranging from music listening to doing crucial corporate tasks.

To keep ahead of this technological change, practically every sphere of society is hopping on the app bandwagon, therefore this trend is not simply restricted to the corporate world. Today’s churches are no longer an exception to this trend.

Many churches have their own mobile apps today, which enables them to stay in touch with their community from any location, at any time, using any device. If you’re still not persuaded, consider the following arguments in favor of your church having a mobile app:



6 Compelling reasons why you must have a mobile app for your church.

Build Buzz with a Church App

Your church app will assist you in creating anticipation for any event, whether it be a bake sale, a fundraiser, or a special service, and can promote involvement among the entire church community. Promote your events and encourage church members to participate fully in each one. Events promoted using your app can even attract new members.

Improved Communication

Improved Communication

You can improve contact with your church members by using a church app. An app will make it easier for users to share information, alert other users, and more effectively assist one another. A social wall feature can also be added.

Bible on the GO

Bible on the GO

A built-in bible can be added to your church app, enabling users to read and study the bible on their smartphones. Additionally, churches can have services and preach straight from their smartphones & reference the in app Bible.

Global Reach

Global Reach

A top-notch church app may come in handy for directly influencing new audiences and boosting your church’s visibility both locally and internationally. This increases outreach, membership and effectively communicates the gospel of Christ.



You can get contributions from your congregation and other people by using a church app. It’s easy and convenient to receive donations using a church app. For this, Church App Lab (Topher Maguire) offers a number of payment channels.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

A church app that connects with members worldwide with powerful app features is typically in the $15k-$25K price range. However,  Topher Maguire and Church App Lab, create powerful church apps at a very affordable price. 

Mobile Sermons

Mobile Sermons

Your church services can be streamed live online, along with your sermons. Your members will be able to virtually attend every service. It’s a very wise idea, to have a church app if church members reside too far away to make it to every service.


Some Must Have Church App Features

A great method to keep your church connected and up to date with what your ministry is doing is through a mobile app. A Mobile App is one of the best and most effective tools to maintain your congregation’s unity and involvement in your ministry. Here are a few of the essential elements any church app must include.

Push Notifications

Instantly send out alerts, messages and information to your congregation.


Allow congregation members and others a convenient way to connect.

Social Share

You and congregation members share the ministry message across social media platforms.

Audio - Video Streaming

Live stream sermons or pre-recorded sermons to church members.

Christian Dating

You can have a live built in dating feature on your app just like the major dating platforms.



Directly accept donations from congregation members and others. 

Bible on the Go

The Holy Bible built right in to your app. Deliver sermons through the app as well.


Outline church events and increase attendance with a dedicated app calendar.


The blog feature allows you to connect your church blog.

Messaging + Social Wall

Build community with in-app messaging and social wall features similar to Facebook.



$999 Setup Fee

Progessive Web App
10 Features
Unlimited Users
No Push Notifications
Get Started


$2499 Setup Fee

iPhone + Android + iPad App
15 Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Push Notices
Get Started


$1299 Setup Fee

Android App + PWA
12 Features
Unlimited Users
Limited Push Notices
Get Started

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